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чоп, частное охранное предприятие, охрана объектов, личная охрана, телохранитель, полиграф, детектор лжи








чоп, частное охранное предприятие, охрана объектов

Охрана объектов в Москве и Московской области

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The private security company was created by experts of the law-enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation relying on considerable experience of security and physical protection services in various areas of economic activities.

Employees of the private security company Saers-Group are capable of providing security services on any scale and of any complexity.
The private security company Saers-Group offers the following services:
• armed protection for banks, apartment houses, offices, production, trade and storage premises;
• cargo protection;
• information security and commercial secret protection services at companies and production facilities;
• analysis and consulting on the entire range of security services;
Since its foundation the company has amassed considerable experience in protecting offices, housing and storage complexes, garages and parking areas, major industrial plants and their territories, as well as many other facilities.
Our company places a special emphasis on training bodyguards. Statistics show that 95 percent of personal security is assured by your bodyguard. In the event of an immediate threat to the client’s life only the bodyguard can respond adequately and promptly using his own skills and the assistance from his colleagues. The main criterion for selecting our personnel is the standard of professional training and, to a lesser extent, capability to be engaged at a particular facility protected.
Besides mandatory physical training the guards of Saers-Group are trained in the strategy and tactics of response in emergencies covering situational analysis, multi-variant situational evolution prediction, fast response and decision-making corresponding to the emerging situation.
Here is a short list of the most required services of the Saers-Group private security company:
Client physical protection during the transportation of material and other valuables;
Client physical protection in emergencies;
Development of recommendations for the client and consulting on life and health safety;
Home and place of work security analysis, development of combined security using physical bodyguard protection and technical security means.



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